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If you watched the movie World War Z, you’ve heard of “the 10th man.” He’s the odd one out, the devil’s advocate, the one who—for the greater good—is obliged to disagree when everyone else agrees.

And if you know his writing, you know Jared Dillian is that 10th man.

He’s “the ultimate contrarian,” and following his intellectual adventures is a true thrill ride for every investor. A master in behavioral economics, Jared probes the mind of today’s market to gauge the trends of tomorrow.

And now we’ve created a place where readers of Jared (contrarians included) can find everything they want to know about investing but didn’t know to ask. 

We're here to help investors achieve their unique financial goals.

The foundation of Jared Dillian Money is the belief that if you get the big things right, you’ll never have to worry about money again. 

Here are a few things that make our community special:

  • Jared’s unique market perspective: Jared gives the raw financial truth: He doesn’t mince words, and he won’t waste your time. Regardless of your goal, Jared has seen it all and can speak to investors at all levels of financial experience.
  • Connect with like-minded investors: Our platform is a place where you can connect with investors who share an interest in Jared’s worldview, while exchanging insights and staying up to date on his latest market analysis.
  • We have built our platform with you in mind: Navigate our platform effortlessly with Spaces to categorize activities, Search to quickly find what you're looking for, and Save Posts for easy access to your favorites.

In other words, we've created a platform for Jared and his team to support your individual financial journey.

Building a community of out-of-the-box thinkers...

Just in case you were wondering why you made the right choice by joining us, here are a couple more unique features that make our community the first of its kind:

  • We strive to deliver a distinctive and enriching experience for both our loyal followers and newcomers to Jared Dillian Money.
  • We are bringing together individuals with unique viewpoints and unconventional strategies. This diversity of thought can lead to fresh insights and innovative approaches to investing, offering members a broader perspective on financial opportunities.
  • Our aim is to establish a network that fosters connections and collaboration as we grow our community.

Empowering and educating the well-rounded investor

  • Empowerment: We aim to empower you by providing the information and skills you need to make informed decisions. This allows you to take control of your financial future, make wise investment choices, and navigate financial landscapes with confidence.
  • Improve financial literacy: We hope to enhance financial literacy, helping you understand financial concepts, terms, and principles. This knowledge equips you with the tools to manage your money effectively, make better financial decisions, and avoid common pitfalls.
  • Wealth building: And, of course, we cannot forget about wealth building. We want you to optimize your financial resources, potentially increasing your savings and investment returns over time.

The secret to a stress-free financial life is simple: Adopt the right attitude toward money and get the big things right.

Cultivating our Jared Dillian Money community is intrinsically linked to personal growth and happiness. As we strive to become a trusted resource for investors of all kinds, our collective aim is to educate for the betterment of individuals. 

Our aspiration is to equip each community member with the essential tools and resources to actively participate in achieving this shared mission. The journey ahead holds promise and excitement, and we are delighted to have you join us on this path. 

We eagerly anticipate the valuable contributions you'll make to our vibrant community.